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Stump Grinder (37HP)/Diesel

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OPERATOR PRESENCE SYSTEM. The SC372 is equipped with three operator-sensing control levers that monitor the operator’s touch and maintain cutter wheel engagement. When the operator’s hands leave the control levers, an automatic disengage and braking sequence will stop the cutter wheel in less than nine seconds. With this safety system, the cutter wheel will automatically stop when the operator releases the hydraulic cutter wheel controls.

ELECTRIC CLUTCH ENGAGEMENT. A simple flip of a switch engages the clutch, eliminating a need for manual manipulation of a belt tensioner or engine slide adjustment.

Weight (diesel engine): 2270 lb (1029.7 kg)

 Weight (gas engine): 1860 lb (843.7 kg)

 Length: 10.3’ (3.3 m)

Width (without duals): 34.8" (88.4 cm)

 Width (with duals): 49.5" (125.7 cm)

Height (diesel engine): 55.4" (140.7 cm)

 Height (gas engine): 59" (149.9 cm)