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Auger (2 man)

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General Equipment Two-Man Post Hole Auger

The time-proven 300 Series Hole diggers tackle any construction related hole digging project... from commercial fencing to upscale landscaping. All with the power and digging performance to meet the demands of the most seasoned construction crew.
The exclusive, patented transmission design features all-metal centrifugal clutches, oil-cooled for longer service life. Clutches are designed to slip on overload or sudden contact with buried obstructions. Spur gears are precision machine-cut and deliver unequaled torque and horsepower to the auger. The innovative Comfort-Flex? operator handles actually flex under load to help absorb vibration and stress. This dramatically reduces operator fatigue, resulting in increased productivity and jobsite safety. Constructed from high-strength composites, the handles are highly resistant to ultraviolet light and external damage.

Driveshaft options allow the use of competitive Ground Hog? and Stihl? augers without special adaptors, making it simple and easy to accommodate existing auger inventories. 2- and 4-cycle engine choices offer the widest range of engine options available.

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