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Auger (1 man)

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Features and Benefits

Model BT 120C Earth Auger

Lightweight and powerful, the BT 120C is specially designed for small hole digging. Has 2-stage straight tooth spur gear drive and single handle throttle. Also includes STIHL's exclusive Quickstop? brake.

Weight 18.1 lbs. (8.2 kg)
Drilling gear speed 190 rpm
Gear Reduction 47.5:1
Earth Auger Sizes 1.6"-7.9" dia., 27-3/8" length
Torque (Engine) 1.25 ft./lb. (1.7 Nm)
(Auger) 58.22 ft./lb. (79 Nm)

Auger Type Diameter Length
Earth Auger 40mm (1.6") 27-3/8"
Earth Auger 60mm (2.4") 27-3/8"
Earth Auger 90mm (3.5") 27-3/8"
Earth Auger 120mm (4.7") 27-3/8"
Earth Auger 150mm (5.9") 27-3/8"
Earth Auger 200mm (7.9") 27-5/8"
Planting Auger 150mm (5.9") 20-5/8"
Planting Hole Drill 260mm (10.2") 20-5/8"
Extension 17"
Adaptor w/Pin

Important Information

WARNING! Improper use of any power tool may cause serious or fatal injury.